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Kimi Abernathy has spent her life working for children: her children, her students, other parents, young people in foster care, children with drug issues, students with special needs, young people who have experienced trauma. She is a mother, a wife, a military spouse, an educator, an active member of her community and committed to Tennessee families.

Kimi Abernathy is the Democratic candidate for Tennessee Senate in District 20.


It's so important to listen to our scientific experts to ensure we're doing all we can to protect our community's most vulnerable. Let's stay home, stay well and protect each other.


More Issues That Matter

I am honored to have been awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. As a military wife and the mother of hunters, I am all too aware of the issues surrounding gun safety. 

If you agree that we need leadership that supports common sense gun safety legislation, sign up to be a volunteer with our campaign today!

I support background checks for all gun sales, red flag laws and not allowing those who are on no-fly lists, have violent criminal records or mentally ill to own a gun. I support banning high capacity assault style weapons and high capacity magazines, and I'm absolutely opposed to permitless carry. A person should have at least as much training and understanding to carry a dangerous weapon as they do to drive a car. 

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, Moms Demand Action has mobilized mothers across the country to become the largest grassroots movement working to reduce gun violence. And, I am proud to be awarded this distinction alongside Moms everywhere.

Endorsed by

 American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations


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