"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men . . .

. . . Let’s take the hard path now, for our future will be easier (and better) for it."

- Attributed to Frederick Douglass


Kimi Abernathy moved to Nashville's Senate District 20 in 2013 to the neighborhood where her husband lived as a child on Lynnbrook Road.  Kimi moved here to meet their daughter's medical and educational needs, to be closer to family and friends and to take full advantage of all Nashville offers.

Bill and Kimi served on active duty with the US Army stationed around the US and in Germany for many years before returning to Tennessee to raise their four sons and one daughter in Bell Buckle.  Kimi continued working in education while Bill remained in the Tennessee National Guard and practiced law. Raising their children in rural Tennessee provided a unique perspective into the needs of small towns and rural communities that make up this district beyond the Nashville perimeter.

In addition to a degree in Education, Kimi has certification in College Counseling from UCLA.  She taught at elementary, middle school and high school levels as well as at Big Bend Community College on base while stationed in Germany. For many years she was the Director of Admissions at The Webb School in Bell Buckle and later the Director of College Counseling at Webb. Kimi now has her own educational counseling practice helping families find the best educational options for their children.

Kimi's additional community service includes:

  • Fort Bragg School Board, Member

  • Bedford County Foster Care Review Board, Member & Board Chair

  • Argie Cooper Library, Board Member

  • Bedford County Child Development Center, Board Member

  • Priest Search Committee for Church of the Redeemer, Chair

  • Bell Buckle Planning Commission

  • Alignment Nashville Social and Emotional Learning, Board Member

  • Corps54, Board President

  • Davidson County Democratic Party Executive Committee, Member

What Kimi Supports

Like the overwhelming majority of Tennesseans from both parties, Kimi supports Medicaid expansion. She has lived in rural, suburban, and urban areas and has seen first hand what the lack of medical services does to a family, to entire communities and to the economy. She knows the toll the opioid crisis is taking on families and loved ones. In her words: “Watching my Godson die of an overdose was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. Watching his parents and siblings live with the after effects has been excruciating. Medicaid expansion is part and parcel of the means for addressing this crisis.”

As a life-long educator, Kimi’s commitment to education and equitable funding speaks to her understanding of building strong children on the front end rather than repairing  broken adults. She knows that public education is how we all support our communities and build a stronger country. Whether a voter has a child in public schools or not, Kimi says, “We  all have a vested interest in seeing all of Tennessee’s children become educated, productive Tennessee citizens as adults. We know this is a moral imperative as well as the only sustainable economic model.” 

Like millions of Americans, Kimi and her family have enjoyed and benefited from the beauty of Tennessee’s natural environment. She is an avid environmentalist but even more than that, she sees the Tennessee legislature as a backstop to the loss of federal regulations protecting the health of citizens. As the federal policies are eliminated that preserve water and air quality that protect our children’s health, states are called upon to implement practices that will guarantee our children have clean water and air, they will have access to the fabulous parks and public lands we all have enjoyed and they will understand that we are stewards of our environment. 

Children and families have been at the center of Kimi’s personal life, her professional life and her life of service. Her commitment to children and families has led her to pursue this office.

I am honored to have been awarded the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction. As a military wife and the mother of hunters, I am all too aware of the issues surrounding gun safety. 

If you agree that we need leadership that supports common sense gun safety legislation, sign up to be a volunteer with our campaign today!

I support background checks for all gun sales, red flag laws and not allowing those who are on no-fly lists, have violent criminal records or mentally ill to own a gun. I support banning high capacity assault style weapons and high capacity magazines, and I'm absolutely opposed to permitless carry. A person should have at least as much training and understanding to carry a dangerous weapon as they do to drive a car. 

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting, Moms Demand Action has mobilized mothers across the country to become the largest grassroots movement working to reduce gun violence. And, I am proud to be awarded this distinction alongside Moms everywhere.

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