We hope you’re staying home and staying safe. This is such an uncertain time. It is critical that we listen to the scientific experts and do all we can to help protect the most vulnerable members of our community. We will get through this together, supporting one another.

Helpful Hotlines and Links for Questions

  • Tennessee Department of Health is offering a Coronavirus Public Information Line: (877) 857-2945. This line is open daily 10am-10pm. They are offering regular updates here:

  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center has a hotline for its patients and employees: (888) 312-0847. This line is open daily 7am-7pm.

  • The Nashville Public Health Department is also updating regularly to provide helpful guidance and information here: You can call the hotline at (615) 862-7777 to be assessed.


As a former teacher and home-schooler, I know that schooling your own children can be exhausting and frustrating. However, setting realistic expectations and establishing routines that work for YOUR family can relieve much of the stress. Remember that what needs to be accomplished daily, can be done in many fewer hours than a traditional school day. What takes an entire class to get through in 8 hours will take you and your child just 2-4 hours. Allow time for breaks and where possible outdoor time. Young children often learn best when they have lots of time outdoors exploring and interacting with nature. Lessons in math and science can be combined with walks, playing in the yard and or playing with siblings. Based on their ability, ask your child(ren) to help plan schedules, activities and chores. This will help your child feel responsible and included. When/if everyone becomes frustrated or stressed, stop. You can skip a day or two and everyone will be fine. This should not be a battle or add to the family stress.

Below are some resources that are fun, interesting and may help: 


Smithsonian Science Education Center

Free and for-pay resources for STEM learning - K-8


Smithsonian Learning Lab

Lessons in Language Arts, History, Science, the Arts Pk-12


National Museum of Natural History


Smithsonian Magazine

Wonderful resources and cool ways to explore museums, history and science to do with your children. 


Math for K-12

Worksheets for everything from simple addition and how to tell time to Calculus



British site with good math and language arts activities -Elementary


To Do Math

Math practice app 


National Geographic - Education Resources


National Geographic Kids



Beginning coding for kids


Khan Academy

The gold standard for online education PK-12


Khan Academy Kids

App for young children 



Video art lessons including drawing, painting, origami, etc 


American Art in Social Studies, Literature and Science

Integrate American Art into the classroom K-12



Daily Lesson plans that span all subjects 



Science activities



Science K-12


Project Gutenberg

Collection of classic children's literature

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